Monday, January 5, 2009

Hawke ~ Ted Bell


Ted Bell

I enjoyed every wild moment of this book!

I was introduced to Ted Bell via a radio interview. I enjoyed his personable and entertaining manner, so I immediately ordered his books!

The first book in the sequence is Hawke. The story opens with a young boy caught in the position to witness the unspeakable horror of having his parents murdered. He is then raised by his grandfather and becomes a highly decorated hero of Her Majesty's Royal Navy and, later, an operative for the British and the Americans.

His mission takes him back to the same Caribbean waters. As he tries to stop the Cubans from acquiring and using nuclear weapons, he encounters the men from his past who terrorized him as a child. The time for justice has arrived.

This book was fast moving and hard to put down. The characters were colorful and real. For me, the only weakness was the love story.

Great and Fun Read!!!!